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Mentality -/- Personality


Hidden inside mysterious consciousness
Independant, incorporeal existences

Focussing mentalities upon realities
Dismisses unsubstantiated phantasies

Transcending incalculable emotional chaos
Surfaces undeniable truths

Deem highest thoughts swans
Leaving lakes heavenward


Enabling strong, resolute thinking
Fortifies sportive lifetime

Swerving from unscrupulous thought
Ruins noble souls

Life’s skulking evils bypass
Honest, reproachless happiness


Individuality opposing social corruption
Identity’s wonderful accomplishment

Betwyx nature & nurture
Psyche bounces eternal

Education, dignity, penance, perseverance;
Improve individuality steadily

As fruits maintain taste
Personality truly change-proof


Thwarting imagination’s creative phantasies
Stunts personality’s development

Constantly frustrating basic instincts
Triggers repress’d neuroses

Everyday consciousness rarely reveals
Humanity’s definitive complexion


Knowledge -/- Study


Comprehension without solidifying wisdom
Water macerating sand

However lowly one born
Intellectualism raises us

Avenues of intellectual enquiry
Direct human progress

Unreliable sources of gnosis;
Faith, superstition, opinion


Genius unleashes virtuoso brilliancies
Improving communities beautifully

Candles of knowledgeable beings
Light millions more

Yesterday’s brainiac today’s simpleton,
Society steadily complexifying


Humanity inherits, improves, imparts
Batons of erudition

Ignoring schoolery’s jewel’d nuggets
Youth’s stupidest lunacy

Imperishable education illuminates intelligence
Demolishing delusional ideas

Selective, extensible, industrious study
Sharpens critical ability


As raindrops raise rivers
Aphorisms enrich civilisation

Beware substituting personal witness
With bookish lore

Wannabes studying with butchers
Cobblers won’t become

Literature -/- Academia


Ancyent civilisations’ indecipherable pages
Futurity’s precious manna

Absorbing inferior literature essential –
Greater works appreciated

Libraries preserve every knowledge
Humanity’s immeasurable museums

Surnames bubbling fabulous famousness
Lends literature authority


Writing’s divine ulterior dream-mechanism
Replicates tangible existence

Our flesh an existence
One’s oeuvre another

Publish completed manuscripts only
Embryonia attracts embarrassment


Many impressive, philosophical statements
Untestable, discombobulating gibberish

Chains sustaining infallible logic
Enrapture scholarly consensus

Because knowledge swamps studies
Choose dissertations selectively

Despite devising theoretical doctorates
Practical experience essential


Every fresh axiomic maxim
Explain, explore, explode!

As thesis berates antithesis
Debate shapes synthesis

Despite destroying philosophical edifices
Brickwork remains valuable

Teaching -/- Antintellect


Scrutinizing seemingly spotless research
Unearths defectiveness somewhere

Before imparting one’s learning
Understand it thoroughly

Better challenging creative intelligence
Before forcefeeding facts

Scholarship steers studies steadfastly
Avoiding dimwittance’s invigoration


As the teacher teaches
They’ll learn also

Unto our oldest gorillas
Forest paths unteachable

Driving sticks into rocks
Like lecturing idiots


Ignoramuses believing themselves wise
Interminable, laughable buffoons

Idiotic enquiry simply exists
Like worthless wilderness

Cretins ignoring academic nectar
Flies preferring filth

Mucky feet treading linen
Klutzes marrying savancy


Flat-chested ladies crave bosoms
Fools, public recognition

Nincompoops bash verbal heads
Against wisdom’s rock

Lunatics favor ludicrous banter
Above intellectual debate

Planning -/- Learning


Thoroughly investigating prevenient futurities
Prevents disastrous eventualities

As night’s counsel wisest
Sleep upon deliberations

Simple initiatives easily succeed
Complexity invites complications

Listening to idle talk
Dooms vital plans


Aim, exertion, obstacles, profit:
Balance before activity

Resources, method, timing, location:
Consider before execution

Very clever, canny rabbits
Dig several burrows


Because learning spreads learning
Yearn learning’s increase

Thoroughly learn one’s learning
Then live it

Tho’ wealth perishes eventually
Learning, used, increases

Savants understand teachings’ meanings
Pedants memorize texts


Better mastering single fields
Than dilettanting ten

Instructions assimilated in youth
Engraved in stone

Automonic alumni resemble timber
Ambitious graduates trees

Wisdom -/- Ignorance


Traverse life’s slippery slopes
With sapient staffs

Inner wisdom’s inviolable fortress
Wards destructive forces

As canals transport goods
Wisdom channels mentality

Wherever wisdom leads us
Excellence says follow


Correcting misdirection & indiscretion
Gumption’s entempl’d preserve

Never fear making mistakes
Only repeating them

Remembrances of past events
Guidebooks for futurity


Proclaim professorship Human Being
Bombastic buffoonary, Beast

Louts feigning proper knowledge
Doubted when accurate

Bestowing brilliance upon yourself
Announces personal ignorance

Uneducated insight occasionally excellent
But seldom respected


Spoons cannot taste porridge
Nor cretins, wisdom

Dirty containers rancify food
Idiotic acquaintances, life

One contemplative day outweighs
Multiple ignorant lifetimes

Anxiety -/- Sleep


Conversations of therapeutic mindfulness
Contain disquieting confusion

Pharmacies advertise coercive propaganda
Purchases relieve anxieties

Because stress manifests botherations
Transcend swampish worrying

Drugs perhaps suppress depression
But never dissolve


Darkness consumes sullen souls
Even under sunlight

Cravings, hatreds, indolence, doubts
Nursemaids of uncertainty

Social medias promoting perfections
Spread personal unworthiness


Sleep’s silent, comfortable warmth
Night’s antiwearying sanctuary

Slumber’s unique, unfallable abilities:
Isolation, rejuvenation, dreams

Repose’s hallucinative reverie implants
Vivid, metempsychosis portraiture

Memories, desires, neurosi, prophecy:
Slumberlans’s mysterious manna


Like overheating enginery malfunctioning
Sleepless mentalities collapse

Restlessly insomniacal thro’ night
Daytime’s sonambulent zombies

Sleep’s deprivation induces fumbling
Overslumber encourages slothdom

Decency -/- Watchfulness


Adverse behaviours unfittingly regretful,
Whyever entertain them?

More than life itself
Cherish good conduct

One’s perfect virtues conquer
Corresponding wicked vices

Neglecting virtue effaces forever
Therefore steadfastness uphold


From morality prospers nobility
From immorality, humiliation

Proper demeanor obtains greatness
Impropriety insufferable disgrace

Enjoy life’s harmless pleasures
Avoiding shameful pursuits


When watchfulness masters thoughtlessness
Wisdom’s summits ascended

Never fear raving loonybins
Watchfulness protects visitations

Pondering upon one’s faults
Dodges future misfortune

Avenues of darkling unwatchfulness
Discover startling disgraces


Compare garrisoning natural borders
To carelessness prevention

Over dearest home interests
Corporate vultures hover

Prevent provoking noble souls
Else furies unquenchable

Noblesse -/- Misconduct


Civil order’s graceful ornament
Nobility’s Corinthian polish

Hungry lions refuse grass
Derelict aristocrats, crassness

Bruised sugarcane remains sweet
Insulted nobility, noble

Impoverished nobility illuminated still
Like waning moons


Renowned families electrify hospitality;
Manners, etiquette, cordiality

Friendliness, eloquence, benevolence, liberality:
Nobility’s reputable pre-requisites

Breeding perpetuates upright standards
Fending temptational diversions


Malpractice slithers into society
Whenever goodness slumbers

Pervading miserable, valueless lives:
Regret, vanity, lassitude

Miserable malverse miscreant misdeeds
Gratify stress plagues

Transgressive behavior arouses suspicion
Impressions rarely erased


Vengeance, greed, malice, deceit:
Humanity’s contagious deformities

Gossip, suspicion, backbiting, snobbery:
Impure intelligence invests

Lewdness, jealousy, slander, arrogance:
Unbalance karma harmfully