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Jesus -/- Kabir


Receiving brings happiness, yes,
But giving moreso

As knocks are answer’d
Our searchings discover

Because worrying adds nothing
Contentment’s incredibleness everything

Only looking elsewhere lustfully
Commits adultery… still


Acolytes celebrating Omniscient Divinity
Refuse money’s worship

As Jesus loves you
Love one another

Believers trusting unbeatable Divinity
Possess untroubl’d hearts


Our minds are knots
Untying never easy

When vicewaves swamp mentalities
Bearhug virtuous mindrocks

When Divine vessels dock
Board them immediately

Our soulswans soar heavenwards
From corporeal lakes


Greater kings above Ravana
Vanish’d within eyeblinks

Cretins setting houses alight
Lock themselves inside

Waters draining into rivers
These rivers absorb


Vedas -/- Buddha


Indivisible lives, interdependent existences
Humanity’s cardiovascular reverberation

When entering realization’s ecstasy
Every bondage dissappears

Following fear, decay, death:
Infinite peace attainable

Highest Self’s endless bliss,
Unconditioned limitless consciousness


Yesterday’s dream, tomorrow’s vision,
Today? Live well!

Happier memories, promising futures,
Good days deliver

Enoy today’s lifebreathing brevity
Delivering existence’s myriadity


Dismiss single sacred languages
Chastise inflexible dogmas

Fasting during practicing austerities
Weakens ascetical insight

Realizing Nirvana’s supreme benefit
Releases hankering cravings

Sun, stars, moon, truth;
Never hidden remain


Lonely musings, tranquil meditations,
Purify flurrying worries

Because thinking shapes personality
Maintain pure thought

Altho’ change cometh inevitably
Personality directs transformations

Solomon -/- Lao Tzu


Foolishness accompanies discernment’s destitution
Understanding facilitates uprighteousness

Never boast about tomorrow
Before passes today

Collectedly overlooking transgressions discretefully
Humanity’s glorious perfection

Better eating peaceful morsels
Before strifeful feasts


Fittest words golden apples
Set in silver

Like fires without logwood
Strife without talebearers

Lips eternizing truth destroy
Lying tongues’ momentariness

Lao Tzu

From nothing comes something
From something, creatures

Without looking thro’ windows
Heaven’s visibility remains

If ignorance feigns knowledge
Ireddemable difficulties launch

As water benefits humanity
Ability influences affairs


Striving to achieve nothing
Revealeth The Way

The Way nourishes everything
As rivulets, rivers

Tho’ easy The Way
People paths prefer