Willpower -/- Patience


Angels accompany personal restraint
Daemons escort waywardness

Mortals mastering pentasensory chariots
Attracts admiring Divinity

Upon mountainous mental abstemiousness
Joys cornucopian spring

Deem them conquering monarchs
Whomever dominates selfdetermination


Souls uprooted from desire
Planted in salvation

When minds defuse hankering
Happiness flows unbroken

Extracting wanting’s rotten cancer
Ensures harmonious lifetimes


Pedestrians never trip stumblingly
When walking slowly

Enough feathers, softly piled,
Sink sturdy vessels

Calmly tolerating annoying difficulties
Invigorates personal equanimity

However quiet the night
Dawn’s chorus inevitable


Even if injur’d injustly
Dismiss unrighteous response

Remaining unfazed by insults
Amazes gracious asceticism

Praising one’s insolent attackers
Surpasses spartan fasting


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