Vegetarianism -/- Health


Eating flesh fattens flesh
Compassion, however, inabsentia

Assemblies relishing fleshy ingestion
Resemble bloodthirsty lynch-mobs

Stomachs reared by roots
Rebuff admonishable bloodsport

Bellies consuming fellow animals
Flesh-stripping crematoriums become


Humanity promotes unnatural appetites
Forsaking frugivorous inheritance

Casseroled vegetarianism easily appeases
Mankind’s sauciest appetites

Birds, fish, beasts, bugs
Applaud vegan banquets


Humanity’s happiest, healthiest hearts
Exercise daily energetically

Want of sweaty work-outs
Rusts one’s beauty

Loving liver, laughter, lungs
Luxuriates longer lifetimes

What use vigorous minds
Without robust bodies


Therapeuteans prefer sickness prevention
Before curing affliction

Never dismiss painful symptoms
Nature’s warning system

Learned physicians’ determine carefully;
Malady, remedy, convalescence


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