Universe -/- Creation


As ‘A’ initiates alphabets
Divinity begins existence

Stupendous Universe fortuitously springs
From unknown things

Despite effervescent spherical millions
Galaxies spiral insignificantly

Following countless, apocalyptical collisions
Boulders become worlds


Suppose planets navigating metaverses
Termites tickling islands

Ten billion, trillion terrenes
Wander uneventful Space

Are Humans all alone?
Probability begs otherwise


Globes orbiting solar suzerains
Volcanic precambrianity ignite

Ignean gasses cool, liquify
Forming shoreless oceans

Continental tectonica crush deistic
Peaks piercing pelagia

From Oceanity’s deepest trenches
Life first upsprang


Chemical principles manufacturing movement
Coagulate swarming bio-spheres

Across scatter’d multicell’d Eukaryotes
Exoskeletons steadily harden

External bones internally drawn
Support glorious organs


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