Truth -/- Zeal


As water polishes corporeality
Veracity serenifies mind

Bearing lanterns of reality
Mental darkness obliterated

When springing from truth
Easy rivers flow

Truth liberates psychic constraints
Conscience sleeps easy


Cautiously vivisecting moving eyes
Empathics ascertain certainty

Our single, inviolable truth
Everyone tells lies

Better we’ll see once
Than hearsay thousandfold


Everybody possesses fabulous capabilities
Dismiss pissing mediocrities

Because lethargy rots life
Harness one’s industriousness

Idleness imitates rooted trees
Ambition animates astrally

Resting languidly upon laurels
Invites desperate homelessness


Don’t dawdle on decisions
Deliberate, then do!

When nursing lofty ambitions
Aspiration sustains motivation

Resolve unfazed by failure –
Dauntless, dartdotted elephant


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