Tolerance -/- Caution


Factualising about each other
Uncovers mutuality’s grounds

Life’s actually quite simple
Discontent invites convolutions

Better treating one’s insulters
Like barking dogs

Persons of liberal attitude
Narrowminded gatherings spurn


Denouncing intolerance’s obstinate cancer
Emits imperishable glory

Everybody’s entitled to love
However sexually orientated

When despising’s angers cease
Joys! Unsurpassable joys!


Appreciating caution’s proper protection
Reduces sudden calamities

When climbing narrowing treetops
Beware snapping branches

Once arrows are releas’d
Their flight irretrevable

Better ascertaining canine ownership
Before kicking dogs


When elated with joy
Reflect upon ruin

Shouldering loads appreciates weight
Scouting outs traps

Retaliation’s pleasure swiftly passes
Forbearance flows forever


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