Teaching -/- Antintellect


Scrutinizing seemingly spotless research
Unearths defectiveness somewhere

Before imparting one’s learning
Understand it thoroughly

Better challenging creative intelligence
Before forcefeeding facts

Scholarship steers studies steadfastly
Avoiding dimwittance’s invigoration


As the teacher teaches
They’ll learn also

Unto our oldest gorillas
Forest paths unteachable

Driving sticks into rocks
Like lecturing idiots


Ignoramuses believing themselves wise
Interminable, laughable buffoons

Idiotic enquiry simply exists
Like worthless wilderness

Cretins ignoring academic nectar
Flies preferring filth

Mucky feet treading linen
Klutzes marrying savancy


Flat-chested ladies crave bosoms
Fools, public recognition

Nincompoops bash verbal heads
Against wisdom’s rock

Lunatics favor ludicrous banter
Above intellectual debate


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