Support -/- Intimacy


Deserting one’s ruin’d friends
Burns both forever

Trusted associates become bodyguards
Against onrushing enemies

Never gossip about friends
Keep secrets close

Confidantes ignoring one’s slanderers
Fortify friendship’s grip


Nemesis adversity begets positivity
Affectionate friendships ascertained

The greatest of friends
Taste bitterness together

When others walk out
Friends walk in


Our intimates intrinsical attributes
Enfashion public behavior

Troublesome friends forest fires,
Handle with caution

Luminous friendship moulds us
Like influential study

When carte blanche refused
What use friendship?


Longterm intimacy develops laws
Practice them pleasantly

Thro’ affinity’s communal rights
Friends act uninhibitedly

Whenever intimates outstay welcomes
Call them cabs


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