Staff -/- Work


Upon identifying appropriate talent
Woo, nurture, reward

Plodders, jobsworths, incompetents, seditionists:
Diminish reputable companies

Tho’ workers’ talents indispensible
None are irreplaceable

Character, inclination, criminality, respect:
Check before employment


Customers cannot love companies
Their employees despie

Most personas winning employment
Transformed by office

Employees loyal & responsible
Reproach unapproachable bosses


Gaffers convinced of competence
Unfetter staff condignly

Leaders lazily delegating work
Cannot complain incompetence

Payment fair, payroll rapid,
Complements quality work

When given advance payment
Workers chance sloppiness


In jobs we love
We’ll never work

Many hands, single mind,
Makes work light

Bills rise before us
Beckoning daily labour



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