Speech -/- Eloquence


Pleasant language imparts pleasure
Yesterday… today… tomorrow

Engage intellect before articulation
Inreign unworthy thoughts

Perfection seekers avoid uttering
Slanders, curses, obscenities

When pleasant praises please
Whyever instigate argument


Senseless speech prating incessantly
Better left abandoned

Buffoons crudely bluster words,
Cerebrals converse coolly

Burns of vindicative tongues
Leave bitter scars


Softened tongues luscious fruit,
Piquish speak, unripened

Accents of virtuous voices:
Pleasant, mellifluous, cheerful

Speech, perfumed & persuasive,
Surpasses perfect talent

Pillars of peerless speech;
Eminence, excellence, effervescence


About cheerful, intelligent speakers
People gather swiftly

With soft, useful words
Virtue conquers cunning

Eloquence amidst low assembly
Nectar filling gutters


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