Sinning -/- Fraud


Lives from virtue deviated
Into sorrowseas plunge

Shadows of evil deeds
Darken sinners relentless

Where immorality terrifies ascetics
Rogues remain unfazed

A single, evil word
Banishes developing morality


Torture, slavery, rape, murder;
Depravity’s poisonous fruits

Dishonesty, drunkenness, adultery, theft’
Unearth life’s roots

Aggression, mercilessness, vindictiveness, moodiness;
Announce internal wickedness


Virtuous hearts house righteousness –
Thieving hearts, deceit

Chastise, ostracize, despicable dastards
Ruminating fraudulent thoughts

Cheating utilising unforgivable deceit
Subscends ‘unbelievable’ selfishness

Thieves never sense shame,
Only wealth’s captivation


Integrity unfurls prosperity’s wings
Dishonesty brings calamity

Properties by fraud accumulated
Perish very rapidly

Woeful & unending glumness
Fraudulence’s godawful fruits


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