Posipraxis -/- Baseness


Conduct proprietous obtains greatness,
Impropriety insufferable disgrace

Humility attracts jolly praises
Arrogance, insulting mockery

Without wise, vigorous action
Fortune’s favours waver

Balanced & moderate conduct
Evades wreckful forces


When eradicating personal errors
Others understand discipline

Never reciprocate to anybody
Whatever you despise

Even among one’s enemies
Rudeness deem’d unbeseeming


Baseness assuming human form
Nature’s grotesque assemblage

Down long, weary roads
Undesirables drag lifetimes

When outsinning other sinners
Abhorrence beams proudly

Pyres of personal destruction
Bullish baseness builds


Contemptible personalities prosper happily
Untroubled by conscience

Jealous lowlives resenting success
Spread false accusations

Baseness beating echoing kettledrums
Announces confessional secrets


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