Perseverance -/- Humility


Remaining perfectly, salutationally determined
Insurmountable hardship crumbles

Persistence thro’ sorrowful beginnings
Irrigates accomplishment’s delight

Working unswervingly against resistance
Persistence’s precious insistence

Lacking knowledge & abilities
Perseverance dissolves difficulties


Dreamers labouring on undauntedly
Even destiny overhaul

Where we find will
The Way resides

One’s slowness is irrelevant
But never stop


While illustriousness embraces humility
Baseness flounces haughtily

Rudeness bruises one’s families
Immodesty injures ourselves

Apotheosi blushing overwhelming brilliance
Prefer underwheming anonymity

Accepting defeat from inferiors
Perfection’s true touchstone


Billionaires may never buy
Humility’s priceless commodity

Modesty must temper magnificence
Celebrity cocksurity nauseating

Upon lofty, omniscient thrones
Shitty bottoms sit


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