Paupery -/- Misers


Destitutes driven by desperation
Penetrate impenetrable vaults

Intelligent paupers brilliant dictates
By disrespect bedrown’d

Dignity, lineage, character, speech:
Craving raglife destroys

Because lynch-pins are small
Why despise peasants


Present happpiness, future blisses
Nemesis poverty deprives

Lurching behind miserable poverty
Many more miseries

Impoverishment which wounded yesterday
Slays us today


Scrooges addicted to accumulation
Lead confus’d lives

Liken mothy, miserly wallets
To bruising wood-apples

Vaultopias, like beautiful daughters,
Strangers eventually enjoy

Hoarders hope eventual heirs
Spend no inheritance


Billionaires lacking buzzworthy benevolence
Beauties ageing spinsterly

As ants cover tupperware
Chancers crowd parsimony

Niggards never spending money
Invited rarely anywhere


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