Pacifism -/- Esteem


Life’s supreme, spotless principal
Never advocate violence

Peaceful lives evade forever
Harm’s unhappy karma

Bleed for a cause
But never injure

Alas, facing terrible situations,
Vital violence unavoidable


Shame ugly, bullying thugs
Thro’ blushing kindness

Peace equals horses ploughing
Otherwise warsteeds breed

Relaxers renouncing titanic hostilities
None can conquer


While baseness mutters, ‘impossible’
Excellence fixes problems

Wherever arrogance in absentia
Sublimity ever abides

As prosperity avoids envy
Greatness averts indecency

Only firmness in process
Guarantees universal esteem


Upon unique, exalted brilliance
Heap imperishable praise

Pillars supporting widest respect;
Modesty, honesty, humility

Breeding, morality, learning, longevity;
Invisible without approval


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