Noblesse -/- Misconduct


Civil order’s graceful ornament
Nobility’s Corinthian polish

Hungry lions refuse grass
Derelict aristocrats, crassness

Bruised sugarcane remains sweet
Insulted nobility, noble

Impoverished nobility illuminated still
Like waning moons


Renowned families electrify hospitality;
Manners, etiquette, cordiality

Friendliness, eloquence, benevolence, liberality:
Nobility’s reputable pre-requisites

Breeding perpetuates upright standards
Fending temptational diversions


Malpractice slithers into society
Whenever goodness slumbers

Pervading miserable, valueless lives:
Regret, vanity, lassitude

Miserable malverse miscreant misdeeds
Gratify stress plagues

Transgressive behavior arouses suspicion
Impressions rarely erased


Vengeance, greed, malice, deceit:
Humanity’s contagious deformities

Gossip, suspicion, backbiting, snobbery:
Impure intelligence invests

Lewdness, jealousy, slander, arrogance:
Unbalance karma harmfully


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