Moon -/- Rain


Solar winds’ scavenging ions
Scathes planets barren

Molten, golden planetary cores
Lunar movements churn

Sailing radioactive geodynamic fluctuations
Electricize magnetic fields

As magnetosphere shields ozone
Ozone cradles nature


Moons influence intracellular fluids
Releasing intravenus neuro-chemicals

Flying birds, buzzing bumblebees
Guided by magnetism

Lunar cycles consistently revolving
Foster female fertility


Welkin shatters, raindrops shard
Heaven nurtures Earth

Rain falls, rivers flow,
Oceans dissipate, perpetuously

Rain’s continuance sustains existence
Life’s vital ambrosia

When clouds diminish shyly
Drowthy grasses fail


Altho’ oceanwater surrounds us
Rainless nations starve

If pluvial nests emptied
Farmer’s ploughs cease

When Heaven retains rain
Charity abandons Earth


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