Mentality -/- Personality


Hidden inside mysterious consciousness
Independant, incorporeal existences

Focussing mentalities upon realities
Dismisses unsubstantiated phantasies

Transcending incalculable emotional chaos
Surfaces undeniable truths

Deem highest thoughts swans
Leaving lakes heavenward


Enabling strong, resolute thinking
Fortifies sportive lifetime

Swerving from unscrupulous thought
Ruins noble souls

Life’s skulking evils bypass
Honest, reproachless happiness


Individuality opposing social corruption
Identity’s wonderful accomplishment

Betwyx nature & nurture
Psyche bounces eternal

Education, dignity, penance, perseverance;
Improve individuality steadily

As fruits maintain taste
Personality truly change-proof


Thwarting imagination’s creative phantasies
Stunts personality’s development

Constantly frustrating basic instincts
Triggers repress’d neuroses

Everyday consciousness rarely reveals
Humanity’s definitive complexion


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