Malliance -/- Antipals


Prefer hundreds of foes
Before false friendship

Exuberance befriending grinning devils
Sleepless swamps consumes

Base friendship ocean storm
Thrashing life’s voyage

Friends becoming mentally unstable
Pollute friendships randomly


When comrades lack virtue
Decrease meetings increasingly

Aggressives thriving upon conflict
Unfriend without hesiatation

Renouncing friendship from fools
Life’s greatest gain


When friends feign inability
Phase them out

False allies, unreliable friends,
Distress messy dreams

Buzzards slandering us publicly
Deserve no amity

‘Pals’ rendering ‘pals’ unprotected
Aren’t really pals


When profischeming motivates friendship,
Maintenance deem’d undesirable

Upon discovering feigned friendship
Laugh fools away

Abandonment before approaching distress
Disgustifies fickle ‘friendship’


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