Literature -/- Academia


Ancyent civilisations’ indecipherable pages
Futurity’s precious manna

Absorbing inferior literature essential –
Greater works appreciated

Libraries preserve every knowledge
Humanity’s immeasurable museums

Surnames bubbling fabulous famousness
Lends literature authority


Writing’s divine ulterior dream-mechanism
Replicates tangible existence

Our flesh an existence
One’s oeuvre another

Publish completed manuscripts only
Embryonia attracts embarrassment


Many impressive, philosophical statements
Untestable, discombobulating gibberish

Chains sustaining infallible logic
Enrapture scholarly consensus

Because knowledge swamps studies
Choose dissertations selectively

Despite devising theoretical doctorates
Practical experience essential


Every fresh axiomic maxim
Explain, explore, explode!

As thesis berates antithesis
Debate shapes synthesis

Despite destroying philosophical edifices
Brickwork remains valuable


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