Knowledge -/- Study


Comprehension without solidifying wisdom
Water macerating sand

However lowly one born
Intellectualism raises us

Avenues of intellectual enquiry
Direct human progress

Unreliable sources of gnosis;
Faith, superstition, opinion


Genius unleashes virtuoso brilliancies
Improving communities beautifully

Candles of knowledgeable beings
Light millions more

Yesterday’s brainiac today’s simpleton,
Society steadily complexifying


Humanity inherits, improves, imparts
Batons of erudition

Ignoring schoolery’s jewel’d nuggets
Youth’s stupidest lunacy

Imperishable education illuminates intelligence
Demolishing delusional ideas

Selective, extensible, industrious study
Sharpens critical ability


As raindrops raise rivers
Aphorisms enrich civilisation

Beware substituting personal witness
With bookish lore

Wannabes studying with butchers
Cobblers won’t become


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