Kindness -/- Courage


Before Humanity’s blithest altruism
Heavenly endowment pales

Assistance – timely, tidy, tiny –
Exceeds benevolent serendipity

Wherever Humanity maintains kindness
Society functions progressively

Generosity seeking no reward
Outweighs raingiving Oceans


Apart from furnishing faces
Pitiless eyes useless

As study communicates knowledge
Magnanimity illuminates Divinity

Because samaritanism sometimes unappreciated
Ascertain recipient personality


Afflictions, massing like mountains,
Courageousness effortlessly dismisses

Scoffingly rebuking approaching misfortunes
Blusters them away

Those untroubled by troubles
Trouble these troubles

Become your life’s hero
Never its victim


Life shrinks & expands
According to courage

Risking journeys beyond borders
Realises one’s range

Mastering one’s pressurizing fears
Unlocks adorable freedoms


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