Idleness -/- Antibanter


What good noble birth
Without personal ambition

Showing slackness when successful
Outsins excessive angers

Idiots ignoring approaching calamity
Regret disaster inevitably

Indecisive, nesciential, quiescent limbo-lives
Earth’s limping burden


As wealth rewards industry
Poverty repays laziness

As destitution freezes wisdom
Laziness erases fame

Like defenders despising cowardice
Luck shuns laxity


Surreptitiously castigating ugsome companions
Terrifies listening strangers

Verbalising stupefying verminous perversions
Earns universal aversion

Publicly announcing somebody’s faults
Unmasks one’s own

Incessant nonversation dishonors chatterers
Boring listeners also


To smile then smear
Mankind’s vilest evil

Whereas burnt flesh heals
Purulent insults fester

Lives of susurrous defamation
Better left unborn


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