Hypocrisy -/- Disrespect


If harbouring infernal darkness
Spotless beauty useless

Whenever selfrighteousness howls judgement
Closeted skeletons rattle

While pleading infantile innocence
Passivaggressives machinate schemes

Praising something completely useless
Disenfranchises common sense


We’ll each judge others
But never ourselves

All ‘Men’ created equal
Preach ruling elites

Those ‘never’ emitting farts
Supervene silent flatulence


Contemptuously belittling important citizenry
Receives irredeemable admonishment

Willing living legends dead
Ruins us instead

Never transgressing lawful civility
Safegaurds one’s safety

Among mankind’s avoidable sins
Ingratitude seems worst


Parbuckles provoking irreproachable lawmakers
Procure declivitous destruction

Impudent impugnity’s imputative imagination
Paints ludicrous portraits

Whenever weakness attacks strength
Waywardness attracts annhialation


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