Hatred -/- Covetousness


Nefarious venom fattening society
Fosters hostile evil

Delighting in viral despising
Invites verrucose ruin

Improbity imbeciled by loathing
Ignores opposing success

Scatter-brains dwelling upon injustice
Blistering antogonisms chain


Seeking happiness thro’ animosity
Denies proper happiness

Disdaining faults in others
Amplifies our own

Why spend days detesting
When lifespan short


Envy’s goddess confers disgrace
Avoid invidian advances

Insatiable greed ensnares desire
Incessant, unceasing & increasing

Ifever covetousness thought consumes
What use knowledge?

Unless detaching turpitudanal appetite
Lives rumble unsteadily


Idolatrous, ungovernable, addictive want
Consumerism’s engulfing disease

Subliminal advertising cunningly feeds
Aspiration’s communal itch

Emancipation from enviable prosperities
Unparralel’d attainable excellence


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