Gambling -/- Labour


Hunger eggs on everybody
Slothfulness eats stones

Before commencing dociliating exertions
Sharpen tools well

From making good beginnings
Future workload halved

Gruel obtained by graft
Jeweled, ambrosial food


Subjection to unnecessary workloads
Deprives intellectual improvement

Better spending idle weeks
Before profitless work

Complete today’s work today
Tomorrow’s work tomorrow


Dress, wealth, food, clothing:
Maliferous gambling destroys

Destinies of lydian lineages
Devastated by casinos

Ruin, lies, misery, scroogery:
Accompany ceaseless chancery

When gambling spears purses
Starvation’s curse appears


Tho’ gambling sometimes profitable
Winnings merely fish-hooks

Gain one, lose thousands,
Gambling’s irrefutable truth

Gamblers, during losing streaks,
Always gamble more


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