Food -/- Diet


Never cook succulent sauce
Before catching calamari

Tho’ roses may enrapture
Bread maintains life

Persistence hunting slippery prey
Claims delicious suppers

Better one beautiful apple
Before rotten basketfuls


Kitchens of bickering cooks
Curdle simmering soups

Foodstuffs, by themselves unyummy,
Scrumptious upon amalgametion

Dogs ken secret places
Tasty titbits toss’d


Healthy nourishment prevents disease
Cardiovasculoss, diabetica, cancerity

Slow, certain ingestible poisons
Tobacco, alcohol, cholesterol

Balanced nutrients prevent disease;
Fruits, vegetables, grains

Happy hearts seldom entertain
Fats, oils, intoxicants


Measured & moderate dinnertimes
Allures luxurious longevity

Sustenance neglection stretches stomachs
Creating countless maladies

Cherishable life’s ugliest hallmark
Gluttony’s perishing obesity


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