Finances -/- Affluence


One flawed, tiny diamond
Outprices perfect pebbles

Without watchtowering one’s riches
Wealth sqaunders swiftly

Money employed invites interest –
Money saved, thieves

Triumverate disgraces replace riches;
Drink, dice, demonesses


As rogues assist ventures
Finances mysteriously vanish

Loutheads emptying wallets liberally
Begging pennies soon

Disown currency unfairly acquired
Despite obvious advantages


Lowborn fortune saltsea thirst
Noble, mountain spring

What advantage immense riches
Without prestigious status

Accumulating mighty financial scimitars
Humiliates arrogant foes

Wealth’s persistantly obsessive accumulation
Afflicts aristocratic classes


Our very well fed
Of hungers ignorant

Decadence among starving abstinence
Society’s secret thief

Happiness depending on money
Never true happiness


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