Evolution -/- Existence


From evolution to extinction
Life just is

Memories of mutating species
Deliver’d via DNA

As fins radiate footprints
Limbs morph wing-like

Transfering treasurable, galumphing genes
Life’s primal purpose


Humanity’s alternative erectile hominids
Outfought, outhought, extinct!

Beyond Africa’s aborigenal hatchery
Neanderthal genomes meander

Three billion solar revolutions
Protoplasma scientists became


Breathing’s fragile, unasthmatic experience
Never appreciate mundanely

Welcome life’s chancey game
Every possibility possible

Living orders no rehearsals
Performances every day

Venerate life’s potent mixture;
Ambition, talent, chance


Even little lives experience
Triumphs & disasters

Lost in petty details
Fritters life away

Daily deeds determine destinies
Merriness or miseries


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