Economics -/- Charity


Industriousness assimilates beaconic wealth
Idleness attracts impoverishment

Money produces effervescent friends
Poverty, fetid solitude

Societies adoring samite millionaires
Scorn their paupers

Better honest, tatter’d peasant
Before bittertongued aristocrat


Wealth resembles wheel spokes;
Rising, turning, falling

This year – opulent banqueteer
Next year – beggar

Gathering cashquisition melts eventually
Like music festivals


As knowledge needs reason
Charity defines wealth

Spinning beautiful, benevolent tendrils
Revitalises money’s reason

Dispensing alms without snobbery
Deemeth legendary deed

Noble benevolence’s paradigm benefit
Like lifegiving medicine


Thunderstorms echo many miles
Charity globally resounds

Alleviate depressed paupery’s distresses
Before finances vanish

Charity seeks no recompense –
Who reimburses clouds?


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