Decency -/- Watchfulness


Adverse behaviours unfittingly regretful,
Whyever entertain them?

More than life itself
Cherish good conduct

One’s perfect virtues conquer
Corresponding wicked vices

Neglecting virtue effaces forever
Therefore steadfastness uphold


From morality prospers nobility
From immorality, humiliation

Proper demeanor obtains greatness
Impropriety insufferable disgrace

Enjoy life’s harmless pleasures
Avoiding shameful pursuits


When watchfulness masters thoughtlessness
Wisdom’s summits ascended

Never fear raving loonybins
Watchfulness protects visitations

Pondering upon one’s faults
Dodges future misfortune

Avenues of darkling unwatchfulness
Discover startling disgraces


Compare garrisoning natural borders
To carelessness prevention

Over dearest home interests
Corporate vultures hover

Prevent provoking noble souls
Else furies unquenchable


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