Conversation -/- Public Speaking


Conversation’s most precious ornament,
Humility when listening

When pointing towards you
Feet permit dialogue

Upon questions constantly open-ended
Conversation sails along

What stops sloppy conversation?
Simply listening properly


As mirrors reflect images
Faces reveal introversion

Flawful dialogue invokes negativity
Guard one’s vocabulary

Whenever conversing with fools
From savantry refrain

Public Speaking

Lecturing to understanding listeners
Watering salutary plants

Fools address learned senates
Like barking dogs

Diligently addressing ascertained assemblies
Proclaim oratorical masters

Before delivering public speech
Ensure unreproachable sermon


Better few, faultless words
Before lectures longwinded

Qualities of expert oratory:
Timing, deliberation, knowledge

Observing digressions without interruption
Reveals deeper meaning


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