Composure -/- Goodness


Where paranoia breeds panic
Hysteria feeds disaster

Remain unruffled whenever effective
Even within infernos

When equipoise fills minds
Speech lilts untiltingly

Better tackling unspeculative actualities
Before gossipy suppositions


Like rivers swallowing stones
Composure absorbs hostility

As elephants endure arrows
Silently handle slander

Like cobras closing hoods
Climb over insults


Deem good deeds daily
Celestial stepping stones

Consider highest saintliness water,
Beatitude nourishes everything

Sinfear, affection, charity, sympathy;
Emits fragrant tagara

Lamps of lovely goodliness
Sends sin shrinking


When sensal delights unsought
Sublimity exalts paragons

Hatred never conquers hatred
Only love triumphant

Whyever hanker chaotic existence?
Nurture dauntless ethipractice


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