Company -/- Arguments


Pleasant company generates followers
Wicked company, sorrows

Calculate somebody’s proper character
Observe their friends

Consummate conduct, invigorating intellect
Chaste company’s inspirations

Cherish’d companions suffering estrangement
Cheerless conversations unalleviable


Deem clever friends sugarcane
Buffoons, fruitless roots

Accrescent noonsun noble friendship,
Lowbred, forenoon shadefade

Avoid, at all times,
Intimacy with ingrates


Arguments are like triangles;
You, them, truth

Throughout cliquey social circles
Permeates petty squabbling

Barges of magical friendship
Unresolvable vitriolisms submerge

Arguing with foolish sentinence
Creates two fools


When imbolgio embroils conversation
Words waste breath

Pursuing one’s brutal ultimatums
Roads without return

Gangrene infects cutting wordwounds,
Resentment fevers follow



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