Capitalism -/- Business


Rampant, uncheck’d, planetary capitalism –
Deifies credit cards

Object utility increases value
Commodit rarity moreso

Reinforcing failing, intransigent policies
Collapses standardised economies

Glittering gold-dust! Nuggets all-about!
Awaiting industrious intrepids


Upon prospective, far-off profits
Defer serious investment

Altho’ thousands might assist
Shoddy schemes collapse

Writing off international debt
Unleashes universal prosperity


Good business demands professionalism
Amateurism destroys profits

Guarding fellow businessmen’s interests
Helps ours prosper

Creditors possess longest memories,
Debtors insist forgetfulness

On slashing potential profits
Our businesses bloom


Cornfields tended far away
Decimated by crows

Sellers have single eyes,
Buyers one hundred

The shopkeepers are servants
Their customers kings


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