Bonhomie -/- Amitie


Meaningful, sympathetic, interpersonal relationships:
Humanity’s first vitality

Insurmountable friendship’s fastiduous acquisition
Difficult to break

Friendship’s mutual understanding crowns;
Companionship, cohabitation, conversation

Extending eternal, immutable support
Friendship’s prodigal state


Trusting strangers, doubting friends,
Brings irredeemable sorrow

Hands supporting slipping garments
Bonhomie’s spontaneous reflex

Despite reproving friends privately
Publicly commend them


Friendship resembles cultivating libraries
Delights discovered daily

As fire forges iron
Sincerity seals friendship

Concord interrupts, “May I?”
With, “Of Course!”

As canals irrigate soil
Closeness invigorates life


Not fun, but guidance,
Friendship’s proper role

Friend of a friend
Treat as friend

Pals plummet inside infernos
Helping one another


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