Bigotry -/- Lies


Racism, Sexism, Ageism, Classism:
Synonyms for ignorance

Scapegoating stereotypes’ superficial features
Reality’s irrelevant irreverance

Uniform conformity, muddy pool
Diversity, skyvaulting rainbow

Bigotry slithers into society
Whenever goodness slumbers


Wherever conspicuous bigotry diminishes
Covert, microaggressions flourish

Increasingly dominant tolerant groups
Seldom sacrifice comforts

Disgusting hatred’s victim anxieties
Dominate social disturbance


Fearing truth’s negative consequences
People lie happily

Aggressive selfpreservation soonest follows
Bullshit properly exposed

When facing convincing asseverations
Autonomic anxiety spikes

No fib ever invulnerable
From truth’s actuality


Liars, when concocting explanations,
Mention themselves rarely

Equivocators construct phoney universes
Ennabling complex mythmaking

Intae convincing, convoluted sentences
Deceivers disseminate details


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