Befriending -/- Posipals


With making new friends
Abides the world

Fame, family, flaws, fellowship:
Determine before friendship

When two oppenents approach
Quickly befriend one

Entering society’s eclectic carousels
Spins roulette tables


Since breaking friendship burns
Spurn hasty alliances

Congenialities accrued at parties
Vanish come sunrise

Wild warsteeds unseating riders
Better left unbefriended


Companions prospering upon selfcontrol
Lifes’ foremost escorts

Because magnanimousness forgives blunders
Befriend nobler souls

Upon obtaining telepathic companions
Spare no expense

Permeating thro’ happiest friendships:
Patience, reverence, graciousness


When befriending the wise
Cherish harsh criticisms

Because wisemen understand suffering
Seek sage friendship

Moonspots share lunar adulation;
Befriending illustrials beneficial


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