Bad Apples -/- Old Friends


From chumming fickle feefawfums
Grieving doldrums gall

Favouring life’s greedy sneaks
Always ends grievingly

As boxes hide snakes
Beware befriending rakes

Certain sweetly smiling faces
Conceal deceitful amphisbenans


Ifever enemies offer amity
Smile back vigilantly

Undistinguishable foemen shaking hands
Sleeve sneaky knives

Affectionless acquaintances vanish quickly
Like smouldering haystacks

Old Friends

When relishing new friends
Remember the old

Old comrades forever friends
However far apart

New friends like silver,
Old friends, gold

Oldest friends enjoyed best
Like classic songs


A friend for life
Our world adores

Deem closer than siblings
Our oldest friends

Matters of smallest mendicancy
Divide old friends


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