Anxiety -/- Sleep


Conversations of therapeutic mindfulness
Contain disquieting confusion

Pharmacies advertise coercive propaganda
Purchases relieve anxieties

Because stress manifests botherations
Transcend swampish worrying

Drugs perhaps suppress depression
But never dissolve


Darkness consumes sullen souls
Even under sunlight

Cravings, hatreds, indolence, doubts
Nursemaids of uncertainty

Social medias promoting perfections
Spread personal unworthiness


Sleep’s silent, comfortable warmth
Night’s antiwearying sanctuary

Slumber’s unique, unfallable abilities:
Isolation, rejuvenation, dreams

Repose’s hallucinative reverie implants
Vivid, metempsychosis portraiture

Memories, desires, neurosi, prophecy:
Slumberlans’s mysterious manna


Like overheating enginery malfunctioning
Sleepless mentalities collapse

Restlessly insomniacal thro’ night
Daytime’s sonambulent zombies

Sleep’s deprivation induces fumbling
Overslumber encourages slothdom


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