Anticharity -/- Beggars


Let them suffer shamefully
Who live uncharitably

When Chavs celebrate windfalls
Charities never invited

Most ignore charity’s existence
Until needing assistance

However gorgeous, however fabulous
Uncharitable people pointless


Beggars melt umbrageous hearts
Refusal breaks theirs

Never beg unwilling souls
Even when desperate

Phantasms of pity’s failures
Haunt mendacious minds


Beggars possess happy faces
Why pity them?

Without mendacity salubrious charity
Receives little praise

When soliciting the supercharitable
Begging actually giving

Before openly charitable souls
Vanishes vagrancy’s anguish


Better becoming traveling busker
Before hometown beggar

However noble one’s deeds
Begging ruins greatness

When begging brings survival
Scrapsucking deem’d satisfactory


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