Addiction -/- Drunkards


Establishing replacement prepotent responses
Breaks bad habits

Beyond soulraking withdrawal symptoms
Unpolluted positivity uncraving

Daily narcotical, psychosis swamps
Curtail contributive cognition

Keeping company with addicts
Perpetuates addictive experience


Filthy, expensive, posionous, pointless:
Nicotine’s flagellantine slavery

Alcohol’s irrepressible, unfathomable hold
Better left undrunk

Heart-breaking heroin’s chittering monkeys,
Never trust junkies!


Boozing upsets our mothers
But wisemen moreso

Voyeurs envy happy drunkards
Forgetting alcohol’s vices

Modest maidens despise inebrieties
Abominable horribleness abhorrent

Imbibing heavily when homeset
Advertises private heartache


Reasoning with saturated consciousness
Lights torches underwater

Murder, robbery, tyranny, bigotry;
Fuell’d by liquor

Boozeglugging fuels ugly arguments
Sobriety soothes situations


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