Action -/- Timing


As disinterest follows procrastination
Boredom breeds abandonment

Ventrous operations blindly launch’d
Perish before completion

Actions of clueless fools
Endlessly, shamefully fail

When constantly altering courses
Successes inevitably falter


Whenever evident serious snags
Dissuade any enterprise

As sitars sound celestial
Action surpasses appearances

When projects become undoable
Number blessings instead


Meditating upon appropriate moment
Wins the world

As Herons fish patiently
Await favorable opportunity

Best means, best moment
Consecrate marvellous enterprise

When whales become beached
Blubber easily available


Life’s chances happen rarely
Seize them immediately

Knowing when to halt
Disenfranches future dangers

Either make things happen
Or wonder forever


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