Ecologism -/- Corporeality


While Divinity dominates Heaven
Mother Nature bedrocks

Chief among human philosophies
Enviromentalism’s impact studies

Oceanic deadzones, deteriorating ozones,
Deforestation, plastification… DEATH!

Even tiniest efforts help
Protecting precious planets


When one species falls
Another starts tottering

For every tree dismembered
Plant identical saplings

Onto uninhabited, bionetworked islands
Transplant endangered species


Universal desire’s implanted seeds
Releases unceasing creatures

Birth, ageing, sickness, death;
Every human’s quota

Without cleaning our mouths
Food tastes sour

Bodies emit stenches incessantly
Nourishment’s endless phospherence


Despite nine excremental orifices
Bodies still admired

Flesh, fat, skin, bones
Sinew, bowels – beauty?

Upending bodies inside out
Equalizes everybody’s appearance


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