Youth -/- Fate


Gallivanting thro’ ephemeral youth
Ages us unagreeably

Life more sedate marathon
Than blustering sprint

Choices made when young
Accompany us always

Rejecting education through childhood
Ensures embarrassing adulthood


Life’s first mental fever
Youth’s unceasing intoxication

Stances, glances, chances, dances:
Epitomise juvenile romances

As saplings bend undamaged
Durable youth rejuvenates


Within unbelievable, universal soul
Personal missions originate

Despite studying polished treatises
Fate sways minds

To realize one’s destiny
Life’s singular obligation

Ordinary billions offer’d opportunities
Handfuls barely realize


When following predestin’d paths
Recognize significant omens

Interfering with others’ destinies
Destroys your own

From indolence to industry
Fate’s pendulum swings


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