Wisdom -/- Ignorance


Traverse life’s slippery slopes
With sapient staffs

Inner wisdom’s inviolable fortress
Wards destructive forces

As canals transport goods
Wisdom channels mentality

Wherever wisdom leads us
Excellence says follow


Correcting misdirection & indiscretion
Gumption’s entempl’d preserve

Never fear making mistakes
Only repeating them

Remembrances of past events
Guidebooks for futurity


Proclaim professorship Human Being
Bombastic buffoonary, Beast

Louts feigning proper knowledge
Doubted when accurate

Bestowing brilliance upon yourself
Announces personal ignorance

Uneducated insight occasionally excellent
But seldom respected


Spoons cannot taste porridge
Nor cretins, wisdom

Dirty containers rancify food
Idiotic acquaintances, life

One contemplative day outweighs
Multiple ignorant lifetimes


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