Anger -/- Character


Malicious delirium slaying pleasurality
Humanity’s murderous enemy

Leaving one’s angers unguarded
Ensures personal destruction

Streams of normal thought
By fury damm’d

As certain as gravity
Temper’s terrible consequences


Whenever antagonistic divison consumes
From decisions refrain

Letters written in ire
Set on fire

Because anger boomerangs woundingly
Preclude speaking harshly


Cultivate modesty in prosperity,
Dignity in adversity

Unfailing, universal, inspirational thoughtfulness
Builds excuisite character

As silversmiths remove impurities
Improve oneself meticulously

Cherishing perfection catches excellence
Pursuing glory, fame


Tho’ riches lost recoupable
Grace never returns

Keep sorrows from friends
Weakness from foes

As soil colours water
Character resembles associates


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