Prostitution -/- Killing


Cockroaches hugging catatonic whores
Cuddle slugean corpses

Fickle affections of succubi
Ruin senseless fools

Intae tarty harlot hells
Deplorable souls plunge

Glowing promises of prostitutes
Bestow growing poverties


As petrol powers porsches
Cash impassions prostitutes

Perfum’d harlotry’s bodily beauty
Fades like flashflood

Courtesan caresseses confuse kerbcrawlers
Causing cardial complaints


Thou shalt not kill
Peopeldom’s precioussest pillar

When evil marches personifed
Unnatural death concomitant

When somebody murder somebody
They slay themselves

Fatalistic deviants destroying life
Wallow below baseness


Ostracization, Punishment, Humiliation, Poverty;
Albatrosses of murderers

Murder may benefit… but
Killing brings dishonor

Permitting aggressive murderers breath
Crowns progressive communities


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