Falling Out -/- Making Up

Falling Out

Discarding one’s closest friends
Beneath animal behaviour

Better gaining many enemies
Before losing friendship

Concordity grows like limbs
Drastic amputations painful

Fond benevolence perfuming memories
Disputing friends forget


Some friendships simply end,
Ignore nostalgic appeals

When friends become base
Cut cordiality’s cords

With one heartless refusal
Friendships are slain

Making Up

Until every argument appreciated
Quarrel’s reconciliation impossible

Like rethreading broken garlands
Mend feuding friendship

Ignore intimacy’s traumatizing actions
Remember former kindnesses

Muscle tears heal stronger
Fall-outs confirm friendships


Patience among hostile associates
Life’s fairest pleasure

Firm friends ruining us
Remain firm friends

After vexing, vortexing tornados
Friends fix fences


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